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Frequently asked questions

Do I need special tires for my SUV/crossover?

Yes, you do. Although your SUV/crossover tires look like a normal passenger car tire, they do have additional features built into them which you can?t see. SUV/crossover tires accommodate a higher ride height, and have increased load and towing capacities that your standard coupe or sedan vehicle tire doesn?t have. Common passenger tires don?t have these features, and driving with them on a SUV/crossover could result in tire failure.

What?s the difference between passenger and SUV/crossover tires?

SUV/crossover tires are designed and engineered to perform with a heavier load capacity, the higher ride height of your vehicle, and in a variety of road and mild off-road terrains.

Can I use SUV/crossover tires on my car?

Yes, you could use these types of tires on your coupe or sedan, but they won?t increase the carrying or towing capacity of your vehicle. Worse, they?ll actually decrease your performance, handing and fuel economy as SUV/crossover tires are built heavier than a passenger tire.

How much do SUV/crossover tires cost?

In general SUV/crossover tires and are slightly more expensive than a passenger tire as they have the additional features that must meet or exceed the requirements of the vehicle.