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Lawn, garden, and golf tires

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Lawn and garden tractor tires   

  • For lawns, field and farm work
  • Aggressive tread
  • Excellent stability and traction

Riding lawn mower tires   

  • Multi-purpose lawn mower tires
  • For home or commercial use
  • Traction on flat or hilly surfaces

Golf cart tires   

  • Options for pavement and non-pavement use
  • Smooth ride and good traction
  • Gentle on the fairways
Tiller tires   

  • For rototillers, trenchers, and snowblowers
  • Deep tread
  • Aggressive traction

Utility equipment tires   

  • For utility carts, wheelbarrows, hand trucks, generators, and more

Shop by tread patterns

Carlisle HD Field Trax

This multi-purpose tire gives you premium traction on any surface ? perfect for field, farm, and utility use.

Shop HD Field Trax   

Carlisle Multi Trac C/S

A durable tire that?s ideal for mowers with attachments like rototillers, or for tractors with bucket loaders.

Shop Multi Trac C/S   

Carlisle Smooth

Designed for putting greens and ideal for commercial lawn equipment, this tire leaves no trace on turf.

Shop Smooth   

Carlisle Straight Rib

This minimal traction tire is perfect for commercial mowers and front swivel casters. Leaves no tracks on turf.

Shop Straight Rib   

Carlisle Super Lug

With an aggressive tread for strong traction, this tire will help your mower operate as a mini tractor.

Shop Super Lug   

Carlisle Tru Power

This tire?s aggressive tread is ideal for going from grass to dirt and back, or for hauling small equipment.

Shop Tru Power   

Carlisle Turf CTR

These tires are great for heavy commercial mowers, and perform especially well on golf courses.

Shop Turf CTR   

Carlisle Turf Master

Optimized for stability and traction, this tire delivers maximum performance in a commercial tire.

Shop Turf Master   

Carlisle Turf Saver

The Turf Saver?s light chevron tread provides excellent traction on flat land (for hills, try the Turf Saver II).

Shop Turf Saver   

Carlisle Turf Saver II

Designed for residential riding mowers and lawn and garden tractors, it?s gentle on turf with traction for hills.

Shop Turf Saver II   

Carlisle Turf Smart

The Turf Smart tire is specifically designed for professional use on premium-grade zero-turn mowers. Shop Carlisle Turf Smart

Shop Turf Smart   

Carlisle Turf Trac R/S

If you need a deeper tread design than the basic Turf Saver or Turf Saver II, try Carlisle's Turf Trac R/S tire.

Shop Turf Trac R/S   

Carlisle Ultra Trac

Ultra Trac tires have a specialized high-flotation tread ? perfect for groundskeepers and golf courses.

Shop Ultra Trac   

Carlisle Power Trac Tiller

Carlisle Power Trac Tiller tires have a deep tread for aggressive traction.

Shop Power Trac Tiller   

Carlisle Sawtooth

Carlisle?s Sawtooth hand truck tires are designed for material handling equipment and small industrial product applications.

Shop Sawtooth Hand Truck   

Carlisle Stud Hand Truck

Carlisle Stud Hand Truck Tires have a versatile tread design suited for traction in rugged situations and small industrial product applications.

Shop Stud Hand Truck   

Carlisle Wheelbarrow tire

Carlisle Wheelbarrow Tires have ribbed tread for lawn carts, spreaders, and wheelbarrows.

Shop Wheelbarrow