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Ultra-High-Performance Tires

Enhance speed and grip while maximizing your performance on freeway or raceway.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an ultra-high-performance tire?

This tire is designed to focus on superb handling, and traction to provide a sportier feel and enhanced driving experience. It’s a tire for those seeking maximum grip for their sporty cars and SUVs.

Ultra-high-performance tires are typically speed rated with W or Y speed symbols.

What’s the difference between UHP and high-performance?

High-performance tires have a different balance of mileage and grip vs. UHP tires. While UHP tires have a strong focus on maximizing traction and handling, high-performance tires lean more towards balancing higher tread life while maintaining a very high level of grip.

High-performance tires are typically speed rated H or V, while UHP tires are usually speed rated W or Y

What’s the difference between UHP and All-Season?

UHP and All-Season don’t contradict each other – there are UHP Summer tires and UHP All-Season tires.

UHP Summer tires will be the best choice for your sports car if you don’t need winter performance, since they provide the highest-level driving experience on dry roads.

UHP All-Season tires focus on providing excellent grip in all weather conditions including winter. .

What’s the difference between a touring tire and a performance tire?

Sports cars, luxury sport sedans and sporty SUVs and CUVs do well with UHP tires.

The right tire choice for you depends strongly on your tire and rim size of your vehicle, as well as your driving style priorities.

If I have UHP tires on my car, do I need to buy them again?

In most cases this is recommended, due to the speed rating and tire size. However, if your focus is tread life, and there is a suitable non-UHP-tire fitting your vehicle, this could be a good alternative for you.

In this case it is best to speak with an expert. Please feel free to give us at a call.

What are the benefits of UHP tires?

UHP tires are designed to focus on a sporty driving experience. Superb handling and traction provide a sportier feel and enhance your driving experience.

How long do performance tires last?

This depends strongly on your vehicle and driving style. Heavier vehicles with higher power tend to wear out tires faster than lighter vehicles with less power.

UHP All Season tires last about 40-50,000 on average, UHP Summer tires about 15-30,000 miles.

If your vehicle requires a stagger fitment, which doesn’t allow tire rotation between front and back, this will have significant impact on tread life.

What’s a high-performance tire?

High performance tires are tires focused on a high balance of grip and mileage.

They’re an excellent choice for your passenger car, CUV or SUV, if you’re seeking to maximize the balance between safety and tread life.