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 Firestone tires
 Firestone tires

Firestone tires

Whatever you drive, drive a Firestone

 Firestone tires

Firestone tires

Whatever you drive, drive a Firestone

Firestone Tires

Whatever you drive, drive a Firestone

In 1900, Harvey S. Firestone, a friend of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, decided that automobiles were the future. He moved to Akron, Ohio and started making tires in an old foundry. In 1906, Henry Ford chose Firestone tires as original equipment for his Model T. Not surprisingly, this helped the business take off, and soon it was well on its way to becoming the company we know today as Firestone.

In 1911, the first Indianapolis 500 race was held and the winning car was equipped with Firestone tires. It was the beginning of a long history of success: from 1920 to 1966, every Indy 500 winner was riding on Firestone tires.

Today's Firestone remains grounded on the same principles that guided Harvey S. Firestone: To continually innovate, to win the race, and to make the lives of people safer and easier. Current technological advances include COCS (Computer Optimized Component System), which uses a supercomputer to deliver the perfect combination of tread design, shape, materials, and construction, and Dual-Layer Tread, which helps tires maintain excellent wet performance and handling, even as they wear.

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Champion Fuel Fighter

Passenger All Season

A true champion, this tire offers powerful all-season traction, fuel efficiency, and long tire life.

Starting at $84.99 ea

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All Season

Passenger All Season

Get reliable all-season performance at a great low price.

Starting at $76.99 ea

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truck or SUV vehicle

Truck and SUV

Transforce AT2

All Terrain Truck SUV

The latest generation of this legendary tire offers a rugged tread and powerful, long-lasting traction.

Starting at $161.99 ea

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Destination M/T2

Mud Terrain

This tough mud terrain tire is ready to take on any rugged trail or muddy road you want to explore.

Starting at $205.99 ea

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Sports car

Firehawk Indy 500

Ultra High Performance Sport

Inspired by Firestone’s rich racing history, this sleek summer tire delivers ultra-high performance for less.

Starting at $93.99 ea

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Firehawk GT

Ultra High Performance All Season

This tire blends racing-inspired performance and high-tech comfort, for an all-around amazing drive.

Starting at $196.99 ea

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